goal in mind - smartphone app

‘Goal In Mind’ is a free app designed to help you work on your goals through the use of imagery. It allows you to store photos that represent your goal and related behaviours, and to listen to a guided imagery session. You can also keep a record of your imagery practice and goal progress.

The app encourages you to practice your imagery and boost your own confidence. In effect, you will learn how imagery can serve you as a self-motivating tool and the app help you get started without constant practitioner input.

Follow the link to download Goal in Mind.

Fitz Smartphone App 

Fitz is a simple chatbot helping you achieve positive changes in life. It uses an approach called Functional Imagery Training (FIT). 

FIT is a unique approach to behaviour change that uses mental imagery to motivate change. FIT teaches people new ways of thinking about their immediate future to help them stay motivated as they achieve each small step towards their goal. Users have described FIT as a ‘mindset shift’, where they exercised or ate healthily because they wanted to, rather than feeling they had to.