FIT Training courses

If you want to train in FIT for research purposes please contact Prof Jackie Andrade: and/or Prof Jon May: 

If you are a professional or practitioner working in obesity, weight-management, dietetics, nutrition, binge-eating and want to train in FIT, please contact: or   ​

If you are an educational institution interested in FIT training for education, please contact Prof Jon May: and Dr Jonathan Rhodes:  

Please note that only two of the FIT developers, Dr Linda Solbrig and Dr Jonathan Rhodes see and take on clients at this stage. 

For weight-loss, binge-eating, physical inactivity and/or fibromyalgia please contact Dr Linda Solbrig:  

For corporate business clients, interested in learning about FIT to increase your team's performance, please contact Dr Jonathan Rhodes:  

For athletes interested in training in FIT to increase performance please contact Dr Jonathan Rhodes: 

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